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Searching for freedom

My vision is  to free people from their cages and open their eyes to the world again. I restore the admirable to the invisible things of this world.

"I see art as an opportunity to free people from their cages and open their eyes to the world again. Our imposed routines rob us of time and energy and thus deprive us of the appreciation for the beauty in life. 
I place everyday overlooked objects in surreal worlds. I show them and their subtleties as I perceive them. I would like to share my pictures and my perspectives on our world with the viewer.
We live in habits. We leave the house automatically. On the way we are already mentally checked out. We see the birds that accompanied us to the workplace and yet they are not present to us. We don't take the time to look at them and we certainly don't ever ponder what freedom their flight actually implies.
I believe in freedom without borders. In my reality, however, it is difficult to keep balance, because I keep encountering barriers. My art helps me to overcome and set an example. An example that we are able to rethink and choose our own perspective. An example that our minds do not know limits, an example that life itself is not passive."





Marie Hirte  is a contemporary artist born in Berlin in 1993. In the beginning of her career she's shown her unique potential through ever-increasing renown. At the age of 13 the artist was diagnosed with a progressive neurological disease. As a result in 2017 the wheelchair became her means of transportation and has always presented her with new challenges. In order to continue pursuing her passion and following her dreams, a radical rethinking was necessary if she wanted to free herself from all norms of our constructed societal system. She not only expresses this form of  freedom in her art, but also wants to help other people to break out of their cages and open their eyes to the world again. In her paintings, she mixes oil paints, graffiti and oxidized metal foil. Liveliness and movement are constant companions of her art as a wheelchair user. Her surrealistic images are  an emulsion of environmental impressions and dream worlds.

With her with her exceptional self-developed approach and her sense of creativity, she is already persuading art experts and the art sphere as a whole.

A new life norm requires radical rethinking

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